Peer rated Attorney Clemson Page has been helping people solve their legal problems for 39 years. Competent and experienced, he is trusted by clients and respected in the Reading legal community.

Focusing on civil problems, Reading Attorney Clemson Page divides his time among various issues, such as real estate problems and bankruptcy.

Real Estate Law

If you own your home, that is the most important place in your life. You need to be able to depend on having access to your home and belongings, and to having your home free of other dangers. Real Estate Attorney Clemson Page has assisted clients with every stage of buying a home, from examining the contract to purchase to litigating for clients whose homes had problems.

Business owners also have important property needs, whether the need is to lease or buy a property. These transactions often come with extra restrictions, and Reading Attorney Clemson Page will be able to help with your issues, whether it is a zoning issue or other kind of dispute.

Landlord-tenant claims may seem simple but there are important laws that many laypeople are not aware of. If you are a tenant or a landlord, those laws are to protect you and your interests. Attorney Clemson Page has appeared for both landlords and tenants in eviction disputes. He can help you understand your rights about security deposits and other rules that may not even be in the contracts.

Other Civil Litigation

Reading Civil Litigation Attorney Clemson Page also assists clients with issues regarding business, such as contracts. He can help you negotiate or settle a case, and he will take the case into a courtroom if he needs to. He also spends a great deal of time helping clients with cases involving environmental and natural resources, and bankruptcy and debt problems.

If you need help with a civil issue in Reading, call Clemson Page today for a free consultation.